Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Taaras, Pulau Redang by BERJAYA Corp


The Taaras, Pulau Redang by
BERJAYA Corporations
It has always been the case that whenever people talk about beautiful island getaway, the name "Maldives" will surely pop up as one of the top destinations well known for its breathless beaches.
However in my case, as an 'Anak Malaysia' myself, I have always made it a point to travel locally even before considering international travel destinations out of Malaysia.

In one of my random work adventure, I was asked to travel to the Taaras, located at Pulau Redang, off Terengganu coast in Malaysia. Without any idea how the resort island would look like in the beginning, I started my journey to the Taaras.

Quipped with theoretical knowledge of the resort, I took my first step by flying off to Pulau Redang via BERJAYA Air. When I landed at the island, within the next  hour, I was already on my feet touring the resort.

The original intention of the tour was not to make any pictures. Instead, it was a site inspection for me to understand better of the place. 

Under the beautiful sunny yet breezy weather, the Taaras shined like a pearl in the big ocean.

Touring around the resort without making any pictures is totally a waste. Without any hessitation, I have agreed with my sub-conscious mind to whip out my Samsung Galaxy SII to make some photos of the place (note: I normally will use my EOS Canon 1D MkIV to make photos professionally).

Within the next 1 hour, I have already recorded some beautiful photos of the place. Like the saying goes, "while a person listen and carry out a task on a topic, s/he will comprehend better". After the half-day tour around the resort, I am now richer in knowledge about the Taaras.

Unlike the taboo of thinking that its unsafe to travel to East Coast islands in Malaysia due to the rainy season, I believe that these are merely taboo.

With the pictures recorded only yesterday, 23/10/12, this would proof to people that they should actually explore around and broaden their perspective in life. Let not the taboo tie us down like the anchors used by boats.

If it has not been the travel to the Taaras this time around, I would not have known the beauty of the Taaras.

From what I understand, the Taaras will be open through year 2012. If you like the pictures on my blog, you would surely like the actual scenary of the place.

Signing off at 0303 hours, 24/10/12. Oh btw, I have just came back from a deep sea fishing. The weather here was just great!

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